I am ok.       That has become a common statement that we hear all the time . A while back when said it used to mean that someone was really ok but in the recent past and now those three words are just said so that a victim can hide his or her own true feelings about things. I myself have used those words so as to get off awkward situations time and again. Ever felt like you should just shout to the world about how you truly feel but then again you just reside into your silent state because you clearly know it wont change a thing about how you feel.

Many people are not naturally silent given a chance they would open up and you would actually love to exchange words with them . Though that is true people tend to reform to a silent state and even get so used to it such that it becomes their nature to be silent. This could be cause of lack of proper understanding and lack of being heard.

Silence has got its own advantages and disadvantages ….though silence could be used to avoid arguments and being on people’s wrong side it is equally important to always open up every now and then to express how you really feel.

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This post is an update to my previous post titled MALE GUIDE TO FEMALE COMMUNICATION. I am putting some tips below so as to try and help because between the female and the male none is perfect ….one needs to work hand in hand with the other for proper understanding.

TIP ONE: Women tend to beat around the bush.
This basically means that while men go straight to the point and come clean ,women tend to think about something first before answering . We sometimes need to be taken slow given time to say how we really feel, If not we tend to reside into our own safe shell where we would rather not say what is really bothering us.

TIP TWO: Secret behind the constant blabbering of women.
Most guys as it is known are not talkative they tend to talk when it is really an issue that needs talking . On the other hand women love to talk and if it were a sport it is obviously safe to say that the women would dominate in that sector. Women talk yes but when a woman is constantly blabbering to you she probably wants to get closer to understand you better. Women tend to dig deeper into their own relationships rather than just focus on the surface shallow bit. If a woman wants to really talk to you she seriously trusts you and you should probably take that as a hint that you mean a lot to her.

TIP THREE: Superiority complex.
Most men tend to see themselves as more superior to the women. It is nature for men to believe they are more superior but given a chance women could probably do just as well or even better. Many are times where the woman lays low so as to give the man room to be able to feel more manlier. It would be better if most men had that in mind and thus better understanding.

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This is a new post and am also new to the industry. I decided to write this post because I myself have been a victim to being misunderstood by the opposite sex severally .

Communication is the foundation to any relationship be it work, family or love related. In many occasions the girl is deemed to be very complicated and what the guy might see as a shallow issue the girl often sees it as something deep that needs to be discussed and not put aside.